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Safety Checklist for Your New Apartment

By Staff

Congratulations, you're moving to Seattle! This gorgeous city in Washington is renowned for its natural landscape, cultural attractions and great coffee. As you are looking for an apartment in Seattle there are certain things to look for in your prospective apartment before your move in. After all, your safety is number one and no amount of cheap rent will compensate for that. To help you, we've put together the following easy and quick checklist of the things to look for.

Locate the nearest fire extinguishers. They should be centrally located with one in the kitchen and one in the hallway. If you don't see one; ask the landlord or broker about this. Never move into an apartment without a fire extinguisher.

Smoke alarm check. Go through the apartment and do a smoke alarm inventory. There should be one in each room of your apartment and in the hallway. Test out each system and ask about when the batteries were put in. If it was over a month ago, your landlord should replace them.

Ask about the locks. Before you move in, make sure the locks have been rekeyed and consider installing deadbolts. Also, make sure that your windows have keyed locks, security pins or nails in addition to standard locks.

Turn on the faucets. Make sure that they actually work and that hot is hot and cold is cold. Do this to all of the faucets in the apartment.

Check electrical wiring. Make sure there are no exposed wires or outlets in the apartment. This is an immediate cause of concern and should be fixed before moving day.

Ask about insurance. Ask your landlord what is insured. Most likely it will be the building itself and not your personal property. Consider renters insurance to protect your belongings should a fire, water damage or environmental disaster occur.

Check balcony security. If you have a balcony with sliding doors, that's an easy way for burglars to break in. Ask your landlord about installing anti-lift and anti-slide devices on them, especially if your place is on the ground floor.

Observe the parking area. If your apartment complex has a parking area make sure that it is well lit, especially at night. If you're not comfortable going to or from your car, speak to the landlord about available options such as the installation of better lighting.

These are just a few tips to consider when moving to your new Seattle apartment. Obviously common sense and good judgment will go a long way. Always keep in mind that you can never be too safe or careful.