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In its early days, the Duwamish Indians refused to inhabit Mercer Island for fear that an evil spirit resided there. They thought that the island sank into the water each night and surfaced again at morning. Eventually, pioneers began to settle there for the abundant timber for the logging industry and pastures for dairy farming. Mercer Island was named in 1860 after the Seattle pioneer family, the Mercers. Automobile access from the mainland was finally created in 1940 with the construction of the world’s largest floating concrete bridge, now known as I-90.

Mercer Island is home to many of Seattle’s affluent residents, and has earned the nickname “Mercedes Island” by locals. It is an urban island located in the center of Lake Washington, giving easy access to both downtown Seattle and the Eastside’s “technology corridor” via the I-90 floating bridge. This area is primarily a single-family neighborhood with a quiet, almost rural feel. Mercer Island is home to many parks, wooded hills and some of the best views in the area.

On the north end of the island, shops, restaurants, artwork and benches line the streets of the quaint downtown business district. This area is also where the primary concentration of apartments and condominiums is situated.

Many of Seattle’s most affluent residents make their home on Mercer Island; including former Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. Because of the convenient access to both the Eastside and Seattle, wealthy professionals and high-tech employees choose to live here as well.

Fun Stuff
Boaters will feel right at home on Mercer Island. Access from the island on Lake Washington to the Puget Sound is made easy via the Hiram Chittendon Locks.

Mercer Island’s old-fashioned Summer Celebration is a favorite local festival held during the second weekend in July. Clowns, fireworks, jugglers, crafts and more appeal to residents.

More than 475 acres of parks grace the island, including one that runs on top of the I-90 West tunnel. This 22-acre park creates one of the most expensive and unusual stretches of interstate in the country.



Average Rent: $$$

Primary Housing:

Small Apartment Buildings

Single-Family Homes


Commute Times:

Downtown Seattle 10-15 minutes

Bellevue 10-15 minutes

Mercer Island is located directly between Seattle and the Eastside and offers convenient access to both. Home to some of the regions wealthiest people, Mercer Island is loaded with beautiful lake front homes and boasts a strong school system.

In recent years there have been a number of new condominium developments within the commercial core of Mercer Island. This has opened up opportunities for more people to find rental options on Mercer Island and has created more of an urban village feel to the Mercer Island commercial district. With the exception of one or two sprawling complexes, apartments and condominiums outside of the commercial core at the north end of the island are virtually non-existent.

There are a large number of private homes on the island and quite a few come available for rent. Homes toward the center of the island tend to be priced more affordably as these homes do not typically offer views and are located in more modest neighborhoods. Circling the island are high end waterfront homes and view homes that rest on the hills above the lake. These homes offer spectacular lake views and lake/sunset views to the west.

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Westwinds Apartments
Westwinds Apartments 3059 Island Crest Way Mercer Island 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom $1500
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2401 60th Ave SE, Mercer Island
2401 60th Ave SE, Mercer Island 2401 60th Ave SE, Mercer Island Mercer Island 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms $8500
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