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Located slightly south of Madison Park, Madrona and Leschi both began as Duwamish settlements in the mid-1800’s.  Hunting and Fishing were popular in these areas due to their abundance of wild game, bear, deer, and salmon.  Madrona was given its name by John Ayer, who contriburted the land that became Madrona’s beachside park, and named it after the abundance of Madrona trees in the area.  Leschi is the namesake of Nisqually Chief Leschi, who was known to have spent time in the area prior to his controversial hanging in 1858. 

Mt. Baker became a settled neighborhood in 1905, growing from its roots as a site for sawmills after the trees of nearby neighborhoods had been logged.  Later, Sicks’ Stadium made its home in this neighborhood and churned out Northwestern League pennants, as well as concerts by Elvis Presley and Janis Joplin.

Madrona, Leschi and Mt. Baker enjoy lakeside locations. On clear days, Mount Rainier and the Cascade and Olympic mountain ranges are visible in many parts of these neighborhoods. In Madrona and Leschi, once very prestigious areas, many of the affluent residents moved to other Seattle neighborhoods during the 1960’s.  Newcomers to the area have recently began a trend of improving many of the smaller, older homes in the area restoring the charm and classic feel of the area. Mt. Baker, located on the edge of Lake Washington just south of I-90, has retained much of its prestige and has spectacular, higher-priced houses perched on the top of its hill.  In all the neighborhoods, some homes are located along the water’s edge and have spectacular settings, while others border on neighborhoods where home safety can be a concern, so careful selection is advised. 

Madrona, Leschi and Mt. Baker offer an artistic, eclectic atmosphere. Residents in these areas range through every income bracket and ethnicity. Elegant mansions neighbor modest cottages in a varied mix, except for along the lake where the waterfront has been developed and serves as the commercial hub.  Large houses with amazing views can commonly be found atop Mt. Baker’s crest.

Rental Housing
For much of Mt. Baker, rental prices are usually going to range from $1.25 per square foot to $1.75 per square foot. Madrona and Leschi have slightly more affordable housing due to their mix of smaller rental houses and a minor scattering of apartment buildings amongst the larger view properties.   

Fun Stuff
Madrona and Leschi are close neighbors to all that Madison Park offers.  One of the area’s few sandy beaches is located at Madrona Park.  Enjoy the walking trails and wooded setting of Leschi Park, where swimming is also a popular pastime, and Frink Park, both in Leschi.  Lakeside at Leschi is a retail and condominium development, recently constructed at the edge of Lake Washington.  Two beautiful parks, Mt. Baker Park and Colman Park, sprawl from the water’s edge up the hill to Mt. Baker’s crest.



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