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George Brackett, a young logger, originally founded the city of Edmonds in 1866.  Due to a high tide and a northern wind, Brackett mistakenly was washed ashore just north of what is known today to be the Edmonds Kingston ferry dock.  Now known as one of the oldest towns in Snohomish County, Brackett guided Edmonds to become a very reputable mill town, one of the most beautiful scenic stops in the Puget Sound, and a key element in the coastal railway. 

From the time when originally founded, Everett had become an industrial town fairly quickly. The cities first mill, Puget Sound Pulp and Paper Co., was located downtown and many referred to Everett as the “City of Smokestacks.”  Everett’s enormous railroad system was known for transporting minerals and mill products all over the state.  A vacant roadbed can only now trace a railroad that once carried ore from the mines of Monte Cristo to the smelters of Everett.  Before the initial discovery and industrial boom, Everett was known to be an old Indian Campground.  This city has since preserved and respected the native cultural aspects of the community. 

As a city “built for and settled by war veterans,” Mountlake Terrace still has traces of the two-bedroom, concrete block townhomes that were made for the World War II Veterans. 

Mill Creek is known as being the cleanest and most well planned community in the Pacific Northwest.  Shopping areas are clean, streets and sidewalks are litter and gravel free, and there are many upscale shops and restaurants. 

Balancing nature, culture, and business are only a few of the priorities that are stressed within the Edmonds community.  Edmonds is known for its spectacular views of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains.  From the waterfront many can gather to watch whales and enjoy the peaceful scenery, in which is strictly protected by all community members.   

In recent years, Everett has made an effort to expand and develop more lodging, parks, restaurants, gift shops, a microbrewery, and a larger marina. 

In Mill Creek, private homes and apartment buildings have well landscaped yards, immaculate exteriors, and friendly residents.  There are 9,300 residents in Mill Creek and the number is steadily growing. 

Recently, Edmonds has opened up to expansion in tourism, real estate, and economic development.  The community has joined together to encourage tourists to visit Edmonds and enjoy all it has to offer.  As far as permanent housing, there are about 35,000 residents and within the next 5 years a population boom is expected.        

The mills have now diminished and have turned Everett from being a “run-down mill town” to an upscale living community.  More than a third of Everett’s 87,000 jobs have been offered by the city’s main employer, Boeing Co. 

Mountlake Terrace is 75 percent residential and has become a popular place to reside.  In the downtown area, the homes are enriched with historical old world charm and are great for starter homes.  Because this city is just less than 4 square miles, the community members are closely linked with each other and local businesses.

Rental Housing
These cities north of Seattle offer more affordable housing prices than in the neighborhoods and cities closer to Seattle. Many people who work for Boeing or for downtown Seattle commute on I-5. The more urban areas of the cities offer apartments and townhomes, while rental houses and duplexes abound in the areas a further away from the center.  Rental prices typically range from about $0.50 per square foot to $1.20 per square foot, varying based on views and location.

Fun Stuff
With time to spare, many enjoy the walking paths, bicycle lanes, parks, golf course, and country club Mill Creek has to offer.   Edmonds is known for its performing arts such as the Edmonds’ Olympic Ballet, Cascade Symphony, arts festival, music concerts, theater and writing groups, visual arts, library, historical museum, and the annual Taste of Edmonds culinary event.  Local community members as well as the Mayor and arts commissioner promote these cultural events in order to keep the cultural experiences alive.

Where the mills of Everett once remained operative, they now remain vacant and have become tourist attractions.  Hiking and biking trails run through the old milling grounds and wildlife attractions have boomed.  Everett offers many wildlife watching tours and parks for those who enjoy the venturing out into the wetlands of the Snohomish River.  Boeing also brings in an enormous amount of tourists to its Paine Field plant where the 747, 767, and 777 jetliners are assembled.



Average Rent: $$$

Primary Housing:

Small Apartment Buildings

Medium Apartment Buildings


Single-Family Homes


Commute Times:

Downtown 10-15 minutes

Eastside 35 minutes, 45 minutes with traffic

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